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Posting Policy

Each Company shall by itself post information concerning Plans for Members on the Website in accordance with the following Posting Policy. This Posting Policy may be modified without prior notice and, in such a case, rules after modification shall come into effect as from the time when such rules are posted on the Website. If a Company uses Services after modification hereof, the Company shall be regarded as having consented to the provision hereof after modification.

  1. Each Company shall not post information for any purpose other than invitation to participation in a Plans for Members or information not related to a Plans for Members.
  2. If a Company sets a period of invitation, it shall maintain information concerning a relevant Plans for Members on the Website during such period of invitation and, if the period passes, immediately cease posting such information on the Website.
  3. Any Company shall not post on the Website information concerning online dating service, sex-related business, night work (such as hostess bar, girls bar and adult amusement-related work), networking business, pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing business, or business suspected to be any of them.
  4. Any Company shall not post information concerning planning and consulting of public relations and communications activities, providing information of job opportunities and job seekers, job placement, employment placement dispatching, general worker dispatching undertaking, or business of any Wantedly, Inc.’s direct or indirect competitor unless Company has an agreement with Wantedly, Inc.
  5. Each Company shall post information based on facts.
  6. Each Company shall use expressions easy to understand and not misleading for applicants.
  7. Each Company shall avoid expressions criticizing competitors in comparison.
  8. Each Company shall avoid expressions degrading the Website.
  9. Any Company shall not use any expression infringing on a copyright, another party’s right, including but not limited to full or partial reproduction of expressions used in other media.
  10. Each Company shall avoid any expression against public order and morals.
  11. Each Company shall avoid expressions in violation of the Labor Standards Act or any other applicable law or regulations.
  12. Each Company must not use expressions to further discrimination because of nationality, race, thought, religion, sex, age, etc.
  13. Expressions indicating superiority such as “No.1, “largest”, “first in the industry”, “share of 80%” or “sole” shall not be used unless such property can be objectively proved.
  14. The term “certification”, “authorization”, “permission”, “recommendation” or the like by a nation, organization, association or other third party institution shall not be used unless a written permission thereby for using such term has been obtained.
  15. Any Company shall not specify the e-mail address used for receipt of applications in relation to information concerning a Plans for Members.
  16. Posting a Plans for Members on Facebook unless Company has an agreement with Wantedly, Inc.

In addition, if judging inappropriate, Wantedly, Inc. may correct or delete expressions or request that expressions be corrected and the result be notified applicants of.

Created on and applied from August 1, 2012
Amended on and applied from February 6, 2014
Amended on and applied from January 26, 2017

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