Product Development Manager / Specialist

Setup and lead the R&D department

Job Summary: Assisting the department head to implement the R&D policies and procedures; provide administrative and professional service in the Research and Development Department. The R&D department will serve as a r...

Assistant Sales Manager


The Role 角色 我哋嘅的代理銷售團隊現正需要一位積極,以結果為導向的助理銷售經理來領導。此人將了解客戶購買的動機是什麼,並知道如何有效地利用這些需求和願望。助理銷售經理將負責領導一個經驗豐富的銷售人員團隊,其中大多數人已為公司工作了3年以上。如果您具有競爭力,有經濟動力且能夠向團隊傳授您的策略,快啲嚟話我哋知啦! The Duties 職責 評估銷售團隊的優勢和劣勢,並相應地管理銷售計劃/活動 監控本地銷售渠道中的所有客戶,並找出進入新市...

Advertising Account Executive

Step Foot into the new era of Display & Advertising

WHY (なぜやるのか): ... to have a floating 3D animation of your products being displayed at your storefront. Not only does Infanity 3D boosts your sales by attracting traffic to your store. It will also turn your storefront into the most pop...

Senior Project Designer / Project Designer

Looking for Project Designer to expand our business!

募集の詳細: ...Excellent computer, 3D CAD, sketch up, hand sketching skills, a good knowledge and interest in construction details and good time management skills are necessary whilst a demonstrable experience of working on high quality sch...

Designer (Graphics)

Looking for a Designer who loves Comic!

募集の詳細: ...e color and provide 3D modeling and monitor different product phases; Requirements: Higher Diploma or above in product / industrial design or related disciplines Minimum 6 years or above working experience in product de...