Staff Pickup: Sales & Maketing Manager from Ukraine

Are you ready to challenge in a multi-national passionate team?

1. Vasylさんの経歴を教えてください。


2. どうして2NT(Nanita Tech)に入社したのでしょうか。


3. 今、どのような業務をしていますか。

Sale&Marketing Managerとして、新規顧客の開拓と、新しいビジネス構築のチャンスを常に探し続けています。

4. 今の仕事の好きなところは何でしょうか。


5. 2NTはどのような会社だと思いますか。


6. これからどのような会社にしたいですか。


7. どのような人材に来てほしいですか。


8. カンボジアはどのような国ですか。


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1. Could you tell me your career?

I’m originally from Ukraine with 7+ years of working experience in Sales & Marketing in various industries and markets like Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe, India and South-East Asia.

2. What made you join 2NT?

I felt this is the perfect opportunity for me not only to use my professional backgrounds but also to witness and contribute into establishment of brand-new company.

3. What is your responsibility? Tell me about your work in 2NT.

I’m in charge of Sales & Marketing activities in 2NT and my work is mainly about looking for potential customers and generating new business opportunities for our company.

4. What do you like about your work?

It’s very young and dynamic company with unique corporative culture. Staff is very passionate about learning new things and converting its experience into creating the best innovative products and services.

5. What do you think is 2NT like? What kind of company do you think 2NT is?

2NT is the company that is changing IT trends in Cambodia and our goal is to reach Global IT market with our services.

6. What kind of company or team do you want to make in the future?

2NT is going to reach the standard of multi-national company serving clients all around the globe with international standards of quality.

7. What kind of staff members do you want to work with?

People who want to study and not afraid of challenges, ready to share ideas and put them into action and become a part of multi-national team.

8. What is Cambodia like? What do you think about Cambodia?

Cambodia is an excellent place to be as of now. Local economy is one of the most dynamic in Asia and it’s literally can be seen. This country attracts more and more investors and Construction industry is booming. IT industry has to keep the same pace in order to provide the best solutions for businesses and enterprises to optimize all essential processes and activities.

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3 いいね!