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Amplified ai is a Tokyo and San Francisco based startup that helps humans innovate smarter. We use deep learning and NLP to reduce the cost of patents and learn how new technology is created.

At amplified ai we are a small, fast-moving international team using cutting edge AI to make patents simpler and fairer. And in doing so change how the world innovates.


The patent system was designed to make information about new technology free and open to everyone so that we could build on each other's progress. With so many patents today information is hard to find and even more difficult to use without help from an attorney. We use artificial intelligence to put the power of that information back into the hands of researchers, engineers, and inventors.


We develop our own AI by applying cutting-edge research to a massive in-house data set covering global patents in multiple languages. R&D works side by side with the business team to rapidly iterate from research to development to deployment which means you get to quickly see the results of your work used in the real world.


amplified aiは、人工知能(AI)の知的財産への応用を研究開発するベンチャー企業です。博士号を持つインターナショナルの機械学習開発者と、特許調査分野のエキスパートから成るチームで、オフィスはサンフランシスコと東京にあります。


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