Destination Unknown: Anywhr in the World

If you find the towering skyscrapers and the bright city lights closing in on you, the weight of the daily grind bearing on your shoulders, or if you crave spontaneity, constantly in search of serendipity, mystic adventures, and chance collisions, let Anywhr take you to the world.

Expanding Horizons

A fervent traveler herself, Zelia Leong, founded Anywhr after leaving her job at a Rocket Internet venture. She booked a one-way ticket to a Scandinavian city and traveled solo across Europe and Asia.

With no fixed plan or destination in mind, her journey was charted by whim and the connections she had formed along the way. The streets she traversed, the cultures she immersed in, and the chance encounters were etched in her mind. The experience was life changing .Surprise Travel

Inspired by her adventures, Zelia set forth to bring the spirit of adventure back into a world fixated on planning and control. With a lean team behind her, Zelia founded Anywhr, a spontaneous travel site that sends people on surprise trips to experience authentic travel experiences.To start off, users get to pick from four general themes: Adventure, Getaway, Experience, or Wildcard. Once details like travel dates and other preferences are out of the way, users are good to go. They receive only a sealed envelope with S$30 worth of their destination’s currency and information about the weather to prepare them for travel. The destination is only revealed at the airport, mere hours before embarking on the trip.Take Flight

Anywhr took off with such exponential growth that it blew Zelia and her team away. The team would remember its onset marked by sleepless nights and having to skip meals in order to plan trips for its users. What emerged from their hard work and sacrifice was a resounding reception from travelers who had enjoyed their trips, who returned to tell the team that they would otherwise never have been able to have such an experience on their own.Fuel to the Flames

All of this would not have been possible without the dedicated team, whom Zelia sings praises of, commending them for being self-starters who take ownership of their work and always having the company in mind. Attributing passion as vital when striving towards success, Zelia remarks, “As a lean team, every person matters and is precious to the team. The average age in our team is only 23, and it’s amazing what a bunch of young people can do if we work well together with a shared vision!”If purpose is the reason for journey, passion is the fuel that lights your way. This holds true be it in travel, work, or life!

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3 いいね!