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What we do

At Asian Tech, we are revolutionising the IT industry in Vietnam and beyond.
As specialists in software development for the Japanese market, we are always working with the finest cutting edge technology in web and mobile app development.

Our specialities include...

①Web services
Join the expert engineers who are skilled in working with a wide range of programming languages to assist with project requirements.

②Application development
We love handling iOS and Android application development requests.
We also have specialised engineers qualified in Unity.

③Enterprise services
For companies requiring enterprise system projects, we can develop large scale business systems involving the work of 150-200 engineers.

④Internal Services < < E-Commerce > >
At Asian Tech, we're always one step ahead. That's why we've got an e-commerce site in the pipelines that is going to take Vietnam by storm. We're looking towards the country of 5 years' time - where we believe our site, specialising in 'Made in Japan' products, will be the most successful of its kind.

We all see ourselves as part of one big family here at Asian Tech. This means each and every developer, tester, communicator, business analyst and project manager all collaborate together to achieve the same goal and create products that everyone can be proud of. We take pride in our family values, so we regularly organise team building events, charity trips and fun activities for all our members. In fact, we think it’s so important that we get along both IN and OUT of the office, that we even take the whole gang on a big annual company trip (this year we went to Cu Lao Cham Island!)


Why we do

We at AsianTech want to be at the forefront of the IT revolution in Vietnam. Our engineers work not only for professional and technological development, but also aspire to be part of an internationally expanding economy that is shaping the future of their country.

At our current speed of growth, we see ourselves to be the biggest and most successful company in Vietnam by 2020. But for us, it’s about more than just numbers. We want to create a dynamic environment where all our employees have the opportunity to expand their horizons globally and to use their experience at AsianTech to shape their career path, wherever it may lead.

How we do

Our young, dynamic and self-motivated employees are a truly international bunch from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a mix of Vietnamese, English and Japanese (to name but a few of the languages) flying about our office. Employees also have the opportunity to work with foreign managers with international experience as well as learn directly from our CEO, who lived and worked in Japan for 12 years. We are all united by the same vision that Asian Tech could be the leading innovative software service company in Asia (and the world!).

Our headquarters is based in Da Nang city, with the search of clear blue skies and beautiful beaches to fuel our innovative thinking. By the end of 2015, we're expecting our Asian Tech family to grow to 300 members, with new branches opening in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, we're been looking for expanding our name to the European and American markets in the near future. No matter where we go, though, we'll always be striving for success.

▼△▼You too can be part of the Asian Tech family! ▼△▼

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About us

Here at Asian Tech, we've been recoding history since 2014. We specialise in software development for Web and Mobile applications for the Japanese market. Our mission is to learn, develop and obtain the highest standards for global software services.


Slot #35, Str. No.4, Da Nang Industrial Zone, Son Tra Dist., Da Nang City, Vietnam

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