From Cameroon to Atrae! - カメルーンからアトラエへ!



  1. English edition : From Cameroon to Atrae!
  2. 日本語版:カメルーンからアトラエへ!

English edition : From Cameroon to Atrae!

Life is pretty interesting, today you are in slump somewhere in Africa, tomorrow you are working in one of the best tech companies in Japan. Today you are in need and tomorrow you have in abundance.

My name is Alfred Nfor, I am from Cameroon and I am a server-side engineer at Atrae. Today I will be writing about a brief summary of my life up to the point of joining Atrae.

I was born in the city of Douala in Cameroon. Cameroon is a country in central region of Africa. After losing my parents, I started living with my grandparents in the small locality of Mambanda in Douala. Mambanda, well known in Douala and Cameroon for its insecurity, due to its juvenile delinquency. Growing up there from a very young age forged me into who I am today, a very ambitious young man.

In spite of the financial situation of my family, I really wanted to study abroad and learn new technologies so I can someday be the Elon Musk of Cameroon and be a role model for the kids in Africa living in the same condition as I did some many years back.

So, I decided to study really hard so I could be the best in my class and somehow end up getting a scholarship.

I started looking for scholarships from middle school but couldn’t find any that is fully funded including the flight ticket. I didn’t give up. I would sometimes use food money to buy some internet time at an internet café to search scholarships I knew will be very difficult to get at the least. It is by doing this that I learned how to use a computer, and do some internet searching.

referenced from http://www.cameroon-info.net/

My friends always thought I was crazy, but in my mind, there wasn’t any other option, so I had to keep searching. It finally paid off because I indeed get a scholarship years later. Up till today my friends are still amazed at how it happened.

I had a fully funded (including flight and living expenses) scholarship to Japan form the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

I came to Japan, enrolled in a Japanese language school where I studied Japanese for about a year with foreign students from other countries. It was a great experience and I really liked it there. After language school I got into the National College of Technology, Sasebo College where I studied electrical and electronics engineering. I graduated from there with a bachelor’s in engineering.

While in the Sasebo College, I started job hunting just like every Japanese college kids prior to graduation. I had various plans in mind but joining an IT firm wasn’t really one of them.

Up till one of my very good friends invited me to take part in Atrae’s information session, luckily for me I did. What really poked my interest in the company was the company’s philosophy, “We place the utmost importance on continuing to be a company that we can proudly talk about with our families, friends, and other people we consider important at all times”. I still had my doubts though, I mean, almost every company talks about their vision, but a few make an effort to live up to it.

So, I did a deep dive into the company, searching on the internet every information I could find about it. The more I searched, the more I fell in love with the company. Till the point where it became the only place I want to work at. I finally got an offer and I accepted on the spot! There was nothing more to think about. I just wanted to join the team! And now here I am now an engineer here at Atrae!

That’s how I left the slums of Mambanda in Cameroon to now working at Atrae. I am really ready for this company and can’t wait to take it to the next level. Expand it internationally, make it a global brand in the likes of Tesla and Netflix. The lesson we can all learn from this blog today is that no matter where you start from and no matter how limited your resources may be, great dedication to your goal and vision will definitely take you to places you never thought possible in your wildest dreams.









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30 いいね!
30 いいね!