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What we do

beNovelty is an award-winning API company focusing on API platform technologies and driving Open API community across industries & sectors including banks (open banking), insurance (open insurance), hotel & travel (open tourism) etc. 彼樂科創(beNovelty)是一家屢獲殊榮的API技術公司,並專注於新興API平台技術,正積極推動跨行業和跨領域的API開發人員社群發展。

Why we do

beNovelty builds cloud based API platforms - "OpenAPIHub" & "OpenAPIConnect" which help fast growing business design, manage, secure & monetise business APIs with security & scalability in place. 我們幫助企業實現嶄新及可擴展的API商業模式,協助企業設計,管理,保護和商業化API,客戶應用包括銀行(開放式銀行),保險(開放式保險),酒店和旅遊(開放式旅遊)等。

How we do

beNovelty is a strategic partner of HKSTP in “HKSTP OpenAPI Economy Training Programme” initiatives and is an acceleratee of HKSTP LEAP (Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme) in 2020. Awards & Recognitions • Hong Kong ICT Best Start-up Awards (Software & App) • HKQAA 香港品質保證局 Registered Platinum Start-up • Kong API Enterprise (Gold) Partner • Ionic Enterprise (Gold Tier) Trusted Partner beNovelty offers the following API products & services • OpenAPIHub & OpenAPIConnect – Flagship B2B API Platform • API Security Certification Scheme for Enterprises & Startup • Open API Consultancy Services 彼樂科創(beNovelty)是HKSTP 的OpenAPI戰略合作夥伴,並於2020年成為HKSTP LEAP 加速器一員。 獎項與殊榮 -HKICT 最佳資訊科技初創企業獎(軟件及應用程式) -HKQAA香港品質保證局註冊白金初創企業 -Kong API企業(金牌)合作夥伴 -Ionic Enterprise(金牌)信賴合作夥伴 彼樂科創(beNovelty)提供以下API產品和服務: •OpenAPIHub by BeNovelty:我們旗艦級B2B API託管平台 •企業API安全認證計劃 •全面的API諮詢服務