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How does the value of SocialGood rise?

What is SocialGood?

How does the value of SocialGood token rise?

Let's check it out the youtube video!!!

Forbes has mentioned about this unique mechanism.

-Article Title:Cryptocurrency Volatility: Enemy Or Friend? How Can Digital Assets Be Price-Secure

-Article URL:https://www.forbes.com/sites/darrynpollock/2019/04/16/cryptocurrency-volatility-enemy-or-friend-how-can-digital-assets-be-price-secure/
-Date:April 16, 2019
-News Site:https://www.forbes.com

-Text Citation
Still, others, such as the Social Good Foundation Inc, are a startup trying to innovate with stable values of digital assets.
They have designed and submitted a tokenized cash-back patent, where customers can get cash back within the social good cashback platform when they shop at major online retailers, as an example. With this, the company states that demand of tokens rise, with a limited supply and forced demand, keeping volatility down but potentially slowly raising the value instead of wild up and down movements.
Social Good Foundation Incでは一緒に働く仲間を募集しています
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1 いいね!