【Members】Always changing. It's amazing.(ロボティクスAIリサーチエンジニア)

My first impression about CR was "FUN"

I was born and raised in a city called Belém, Brazil. Belém is a hot and humid city with an average annual temperature of about 30 degrees. In college I focused on computer engineering and telecommunications, but I didn't have a strong interest in it, so I studied AI and image processing in graduate school. During undergraduate studies, I had a year-long exchange program at the university of electro-communications in Japan. When I was considering taking a scholarship to PHD after graduate school, surprisingly I received a recruiting message from CR'sHR through LinkedIn. My first impression was, "Why me?" haha

Besides, Google search for the company's address brought up a picture of Kuriyama Park, so I wondered if the company is really there? But just once I talked to him online, I was convinced that he was trustworthy. I think it fit with my various circumstances when I was scouted. I had always wanted to be a robotics engineer, but the options for a career in robotics engineering were limited in Brazil. I wanted to come to Japan, and I was surprised to notice that the office was located so close to my girlfriend's house! Also, when I heard about CR's business, my first impression was "FUN". I thought the job was challenging and it was the perfect opportunity for me. So, I was very excited about working at CR!

Always changing.
It's amazing how completely different things are going to be this week and next week.

When I joined the company, I was responsible for the camera and computer vision part of the dishwasher robot, but more recently I have also been involved in the food factory team, where I am responsible for developing technology for the food inspection process.
Always changing. It's amazing how completely different things are going to be this week and next week. In addition, in terms of work, I've experienced a lot of things. Looking back at it from when I joined the company, I've expanded my experience to include camera control tasks, image processing tasks, and then robot calibration tasks. This environment is "never boring" for me, and it motivates me a lot.

I would like to gain more knowledge and experience with machine learning and develop a more efficient link between machine learning and robots.
That way we can make the robot run more smoothly and quickly. The Food Inspection robot is a system that collects the advanced technology that CR currently has, so I'd like to complete it well, even though it's challenging. After that, I'd like to contribute by applying my skills to other products.

I believe that not much can be achieved by one person alone. I believe that teamwork is always necessary to achieve something, so I want to work with the members to exchange knowledge and opinions.

What is your hobby?

I like to build plastic models. I also like to watch movies, my favorite time is to watch a mystery movie with my girlfriend! I also like science fiction and my favorite type of movie is cyberpunk movies like "Blade Runner".