Global Developer Advocates help get Developers Excited!

What is a Developer Advocate?

A Developer Advocate is an important Developer Relations role that helps Developers get excited to use developer related software!

What does a Global Developer Advocate do at Cybozu?

The Global Developer Advocate (GDA) at Cybozu helps developers outside of Japan to get excited about the Japan-made platform Kintone, a cloud database creator set with open APIs. The first and most important job of the GDA is to increase awareness of Kintone to global developers.


The Global Developer Advocate mainly uses the Developer Website and the Developer Community to spread awareness of Kintone.

The Developer Website

The Kintone Developer Program is a website for developers to help them understand how they can interact with the Kintone platform as developers. It has documented APIs, tutorials and code samples which aims to boost the speed of learning how to interact with Kintone as a developer. It's the GDA's responsibility to keep the website maintained with the latest documents, useful tutorials and up-to-date code samples. GDAs are expected to do regular research and development on integrating Kintone with trending technology and sharing these findings on the website.

GDAs also work on developer marketing, reaching out to developers all around the world through digital ads and working on general Kaizen of the website through web analytics.

The Developer Community

GDAs plan and hold workshops with existing developer communities, so that developers can understand the true value of the sofware by experiencing it hands-on. GDAs are expected to interact with the participants, guiding them on how to solve business related issues with Kintone from a developer stand-point.

Throughout the year, Kintone finds opportunities to host Hackathons around the globe, where GDAs will attend to host workshops, and help developers use Kintone for their hackathon project. The GDAs important role is to be able to explain to the developers of using the Kintone platform which they've probably have not used before, and how it would help them build out their project in a limited amount of time.

GDAs are also expected to attend global tech related events and conferences, either to spread the awareness of Kintone by giving presentations, or to learn new technology and methods that would bring new values to the GDA role.

Workshops and hackathons are currently mostly held, although not limited to, the United States.

What Makes this Job Stimulating?

Working with many teams

You're not alone when your working as a GDA at Cybozu. You get to regularly discuss projects with the Developer Relations team in Japan who have great insights on how to interact with developers. Designing Digital Ad creatives and swag can be made together with the Creative team, who propose bright and interesting design ideas. Workshops and Hackathons in the US are often accompanied by active members in the US office who are always happy to see you there.

The GDAs job gets more engaging, the more you get inspired by people at Cybozu.

Helping developers create great projects

Developers all around the globe are motivated to create their projects. As a GDA, it's always inspiring to discover great projects being created that were made possible because Kintone was there. It's not enough for the GDA to just tell developers what Kintone can do for them. GDAs need to spark the light within the developers' hearts to get them excited to use the platform in their projects and create innovative solutions.

Cybozu is Looking for Someone who...

Is fluent in both English and Japanese

Although communications with people outside of the company is mainly done in English, Japanese skills are needed to communicate with members within the company. There are many opportunities to interact with skilled and enjoyable people at Cybozu.

Likes using the Kintone Platform

The GDAs job is to preach about Kintone to developers - understanding the platform beforehand will build up the love for it. If you are still new to Kintone, you can get your hands on a free Kintone Developer License here: https://developer.kintone.io/hc/en-us/articles/220582587

Complete the 2 step process of registering as a member for the Kintone Developer Program, and then filling out the form to obtain your Kintone Developer License.

Is interested in coding and developer advocay

You don't need to be a super coder, but we expect you to have interst and some experience in coding! GDAs are expected to be able to solve coding related questions from developers to keep them motivated and excited using the Kintone platform.

Can talk about what they are passionate for

Do you like movies? Cooking? Table games, weight training or travelling? Maybe creating Chrome extensions or miniture DIY kits? Animes, mangas, sports, eating or whatever it is - be prepared to be able to talk what you are passionate for. We love talking to people that can talk about their passion, as it really shows your fascinating personality :D

13 いいね!
13 いいね!