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What crosses your mind when you think of banking? You didn’t think of a fast-paced Start-Up with a young and motivated team trying to change the world of finance, did you? Meet DKB Code Factory and learn more about our exciting mission, and why cake is always(!) an option.

First things first: who are we?

Our team exists since summer 2018 and we develop digital products with DKB for their customers. Our mission? To create the future of banking! We’re at the very beginning of our exciting journey.

Like many other companies, DKB has outsourced some areas of their business, which caused the loss of knowledge in specific areas. By establishing the Code Factory, DKB created a way of rebuilding and keeping this knowledge where it’s needed most: in our company, close to our customers. This enables us to adapt quickly to technologies that optimize our clients' banking experiences and provide us more leeway and decision-making authority.

In short, you can say that the DKB family has been expanded to make your banking experience even better.

Code factory is the speed boat next to the big banker ship.

DKB’s Business is based on two business sections: retail banking on the B2C side and the activity as a commercial bank, with investment solutions on the B2B side. Our B2B business focuses on the financing of sustainable projects in Germany for municipalities and companies, such as public housing, kindergartens or building windmills. These projects have a huge impact on our society. As a digital product partner of the DKB, Code Factory supports them to speed up financing social projects by finding digital solutions for analog processes.

One thing which is very important to us: we want to be an equal partner with a common goal. DKB is giving the banking input and we’re building a solution or products based on this.

We also supportively challenge the DKB’s culture with our innovation management approaches and show the organizational changes needed to build solutions independently from the core business.

What kind of people and techniques do we need? What do product managers do and what do they need to be productive? These are precisely the questions that we address in order to make our cooperation even better.

Behind the scenes - teamwork makes the dream work

We work with a traditional German bank, so you wouldn't expect a start-up character- but that's exactly what makes us different.

We live flat hierarchies and every opinion is taken seriously. It can happen that the working student gives a presentation to the DKB Board of Directors. You don’t know something, just admit it, learn and try again - true to the motto: “Trial and Error”. We’re here to learn and empower each other.

We follow the question of what motivates people to stay longer and feel comfortable.

We are also a place for development and lifelong learning. That’s why we have a “Personal Learning Budget” for books, classes or conferences - and if you’re not a fan of classes and books, you will also learn through the daily work in the team: We are 40 people from 18 nations and counting - for us, diversity is not just a buzzword, it is our everyday office life.

If you need a tandem partner to learn a new language - here is your chance!

You’re wondering what it takes to be part of our team?

Two things are particularly important to us:

First, you should be able to build things from scratch! You would be surprised how often things that we take for granted are actually missing.

Second, be daring and never stop tearing down walls - as long as you are trying to find the best solution. It’s not a 100m sprint here - we already have millions of clients, and we can’t afford things to break too often.

Curricula vitae that are not linear are exciting!

We are looking at what you can do, and a traditional CV is not always necessary. The best example for this is our Lead Talent Acquisition Partner Oliver Zauritz. As a former Historian, he didn't initially expect to end up in the people operations business.

As a student, he worked for the first time in marketing and later found his passion for recruiting. “Historians are trying to understand the bigger picture of certain periods of time by analyzing the motivation of groups and individuals - analyzing what people motivated to grow and to reach a certain goal is actually very similar,'' says Oliver.

As a student, he worked for the first time in marketing and later found his passion for recruiting.

Career changers bring new perspectives and allow views that subject matter experts may not be able to see. That's why the Code Factory offers space for people with different backgrounds.

What makes working at DKB Code Factory special?

We've already talked about our diverse team, but there are other aspects that make the Code Factory a special place to work.

Honesty, an agile mindset and the impact we have on society are some of them. By developing our products, we help to realize good things that help people.

At the end of the day, you can see the results of your work - right on your doorstep.

The people here are always curious and want to make a difference. Many corporate start-ups have a hard time managing change, but at the same time it is incredibly exciting for people to create a setting in which they feel comfortable and where they can find room to let their creativity run wild. And if something goes wrong, be open about it, sit down with a piece of cake and find a solution - as Oliver likes to say: never underestimate the power of cake!


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