What we do

Cycling has proved to be one of the most effective ways to exercise your body. However, after the rough days at work, all we want is just a little bit of holiday. There is a way of choosing the best of both worlds: maintaining your exercise routine while enjoying your holiday. You can do it by using electronic bike in Ubud, Bali. Ebikesbali.com offers a unique holiday experience through a bicycle tour across Ubud. The local guides will help by telling you stories of the sights around you. Well, they are trained to speak English, so no need to worry about language barrier.

Why we do

Ebikesbali.com was designed to fulfill the need of eco-friendly tour plan. It was also designed to be interactive. The tourists can have different experience each day, for the activities of the villagers also differs depending on the season.

How we do

Usually, the local guide will take tourists to communicate with Balinese people to understand further about their daily life and to ask about things they’re curious about. If you are in a holiday season, you might get to experience some ceremonies there. Therefore, this activity can be the perfect choice for those who are seeking to gain knowledge about Balinese’s sociology. Usually they will serve local Balinese cuisine to satisfy your appetite. The price ranges from Rp 200.000 to Rp 500.000. It is pretty much a standard price compared to other expensive tour plan. This tour is suitable for family holiday or even honeymoon. Just make sure that each of your family members understands how to ride a bicycle since they only provide one bike for one people.