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Before ファーネ株式会社

I worked independently in 2016/2017 on OpenGL and C++ based game programming. Prior to that, I worked for 20 years at Apple Inc. My final position at Apple was AppKit Software Engineer, working on Mac OS X frameworks.

Working at Apple was an intense experience. I was fortunate to be able to develop my skills surrounded by helpful, cooperative, highly intelligent and extremely hard working engineers who had a dedication to writing sophisticated, quality software and an obsession to deliver well designed, understandable, end-user interfaces.


I enjoy programming in Objective C, C++, and Python. I am familiar with Unix/Linux shells and enjoy administering Linux installations. I am a self taught Software Engineer, by practice and with a few night school classes.

In the last few years, I followed my muse to develop my skills in Graphics, Animation, and Game related software development. This is my current passion.

I studied Japanese in University, and continue a life long interest in learning Japanese and about Japan. I speak Japanese at a conversational level, and manage to read and write some Japanese including Kanji.


I contribute my graphics programming experience with OpenGL to ongoing R&D efforts at Fahne, and perform miscellaneous tasks as needed to advance the company's mission.

About ファーネ株式会社

A small company, but with deep industry experience, and great positioning for on going success and exciting opportunities to expand development into new areas!

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