Webinars & Learnings to gauge and improve sales KPIs

When discussing webinars, it is important to understand the concept behind it. A webinar is an interactive meeting that is held over the Internet, and can be in the form of a presentation, seminar, lecture, or workshop. The presenter can convey information to the attendees through voice, video, or presentation software and the end users can interact by asking questions or additional guidance to the presenter.

Some of the advantages of a webinar are the time that can be saved from not having to move from one location to another and also save both parties money by not having to book and get a physical location.

For Flow Solutions, we use webinars to share knowledge to customers about understanding KPIs, analyzing data and generating insights, and making action plans from those insights ! At Flow Solutions, we focus on having customers fully understand and manage their KPIs. Some of the most relevant KPIs that companies should be tracking are the sales, traffic and conversion, and should be the basis for starting any retail analysis.

Flow Solutions offers free webinar twice a month, Introduction to Retail KPIs, is a 20 minute course that will give the attendee a solid foundation about what to look at when analyzing a retail business. If you are interested in participating in this free webinar, please click below to contact us!


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