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What we do

GIVEasia provides a simple and easy way for people to raise funds and awareness for charities registered in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, India and other Asian countries. In addition to facilitating online giving for charities, GIVEasia also supports crowdfunding for medical expenses, education, mission trips, volunteering, adoptions, emergencies, natural disasters, animals rescue and projects benefiting individuals or communities in need.

Why we do

We’re trying to make the world a happier place to live in by giving. We also want to make giving more seamless and more transparent, by bringing the best of all online tools to social purpose organizations. Our co-founders Aseem and Yu Ming used to volunteer for charities at their home university in Singapore. Their experience: "We were handed a donation can and told to go to a train station and collect money. But this never really amounted to much. Each time, we left with a feeling that this way of gathering donations is wrong, not effective, and it doesn't make us want to come back and volunteer again. So they thought: This can't be right! We have online tools and social media to do fundraising nowadays. There must be a better way to motivate volunteers and donors to care." Upon researching and speaking to a number of non-profit organizations, Aseem and Yu Ming found out that most of them simply didn't have the tools and know-how to engage their online power. This was the moment we created GIVEasia, to bridge the tool gap for meaningful organizations and causes. Our founders started building the first version of the platform with a diverse group of friends, volunteers and contractors from all over the globe. Today, GIVEasia's team members sit in countries like Poland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore, and each contribute to a different part of the project.

How we do

HOW DOES WORKING FOR GIVE.ASIA LOOK LIKE? -------------------------------------------------------- First of all, you don't work for us - you work WITH us. We want people who are as fast-moving, fun, curious, and giving

 as we all are. We are a remote team. Although we have a physical space in Singapore, a lot of the work is done online. Slack is our office. 

We also don’t have fixed office hours and
 there is an unlimited vacation policy. We think hierarchy is a terrible way to organize a team. Our stance is: Work is a way to express yourself. Don’t put people in a box, you need to enjoy your work to excel. Also: Practise what you preach! 

Every month you will get an amount to donate to whichever project you wish. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DO WE WANT? ------------------------------------------------- Here is a crazy story. When we first started out in Singapore, we were struggling to raise money to build a proper international platform. Naturally we couldn't pay any good engineers. One day we received an e-mail from a developer in Thailand. He said “Hey, I’m really interested in what you guys are doing, it sounds awesome and I’d love to help you guys!" So before he started his high rank developer job at a pretty famous company in the US, he came to us in Singapore for 6 months and coded away. He was working 24/7. Only engineering, all day all night. When we said "Let go out and eat at some local favorite spots! Let us at least show you the city!" he would always reply "Guys, I have a job to do. We need to get this done." 
These are the kind of people we love working with! Not just this wonderful engineer who helped us build the first version of our international platform, but all of us at GIVEasia are passionate about what we do and can do. We are super focused, super hard working and get things done. Everyone shines in a different field, but we only have people who are really good at what they do.