EVERYONE can choose to work from home (or Macdonald's...or Starbucks...or not at all)

We don't care so much about where our colleagues are, as long as they have done their work on a timely fashion. The most important thing about working here is having fun while achieveing success in work. If successful work is achieved without having fun in the process (cue nasty clients), we would rather not have that success.


Our staff can also go through training if they want to, especially the current professional conversion programme by Workforce Singapore (example: https://www.madschool.edu.sg/pcp-digital-advertising). This will help us defray our cost of hiring you (hehe) and let you learn a new skill in the meantime.

They can choose not to go for training too (even better, we hate paperwork acutally). The decision is yours.

Digital Marketing & Design courses?

Not purposely wanting to show how random we are, I found another 2 courses on the same website when I googled (using 2 seconds) for the above PCP, which I think can be interesting and useful for our staff; digital marketing course https://www.madschool.edu.sg/dddm and visual design course https://www.madschool.edu.sg/graphic-design .

Yes, you not only have to study PCP. You can study anything (I'm too lazy to google for more courses, we are not a training centre), as long as you have done your part.

No matter where you are

As long as you produce results, you can be anywhere in the world for all we care...as we won't be in office anyway (typing this from Bali, with photos attached as background). But when we have overseas trips, do join us. Not mandatory, but do join us. We need the numbers for cheaper tickets & accommodation.

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