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◎Mehdi Shibahara

◎Position: Engineer (Technical Solution Group)

My name is Mehdi Shibahara. I was originally born in Morocco, and I then went to engineering school in France, did my internship in the U.S., before moving to Japan for my masters in Electrical Engineering. I had always wanted to work towards solving the world's energy probem, so I joined a japanese electronic maker, where I worked on solar cells R&D. I was already fascinated by both hardware and software engineering, so I moved to a startup in Tokyo and worked on a smartphone app that helps users visualize their carbon footprint. However, I was convinced that in order to further increase the penetration of renewable energies, we needed AI-based systems that could analyze all the big data from the electric grid, and that's why I decided to join GRID.

◎Work description:
I handle projects with customers from various industries, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, etc. I apply machine learning and deep learning methods to analyze our customers' data and provide insights and solutions. GRID is actively trying to expand outside of Japan, so I will also be handling projects from foreign customers. As a member of the engineering team, I also provide technical support and implement new features for our proprietary AI framework.

会社名:株式会社 グリッド GRID inc

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