My Life Style Changes by Xinying Liu

Authored by Xinying Liu

Our company has changed its name to HENNGE from HDE on 1st Feb. The meaning of HENNGE in English is change, so today I will write a topic about changes: the changes in my daily life style .

My changes in daily life.

Many years ago, I came to Japan from China as a student, since then I change my life style partially.

The first impressed change is walking and driving side.

People walk and drive in the right ride of the road in china, but in Japan people walk and drive in the left side of the road.

The second impressed change is in eating and drinking.

People in Japan eat raw food. Especially sushi and Sashimi. I was so surprised that people eat fresh fish first, it really took me a long time to adapt to eat these raw foods. But now I really enjoy eating Sushi, and Sushi is my favorite foods.

Beside eating raw foods, people in Japan used to drink cold drink even in winter. Putting ice into drink is a common sense in Japan, and I was so surprised at first. I usually drink a hot tea or water or normal temperature water or tea even in summer, our parents usually tell us to drink a hot or warm drink from childhood, so I can’t adapt cold drink in winter until now.

The third impressed change is my volume of my voice.

Japanese people speak to each other with a very low volume of voice in general, not only in public, but also in private. I came from a small village, so we usually don’t speak with a low voice.

At first, I didn’t notice that, I mean I didn’t notice that I have to speak with a low voice in Japan, so the friends around me always notice me to speak in a low voice, so a few months later maybe more longer, I finally can speak in low voice without any notice. It took me a long time to adapt this change.

The other changes are bending when I speak on a phone, etc…

These are my life style changes after I came to Japan.

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