【SQEX Report】Get ready to meet motivated people determined to make great games.

Advanced Technology Division / SystemEngineer / Babin-Ruel Thierry

What’s your employment history before you came to SQEX?

I have both a college degree and bachelor degree in Computer Science. I initially joined Behaviour Interactive as an engine programmer. I stayed there for the next five years completing multiple projects such as Wet, Naughty Bear and Rango. I worked on engine features, optimizations, a few tools features and numerous engine ports to new consoles. Eventually I joined Eidos Montréal to help with the production of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. During the next three years I helped build the feature set of the Dawn engine and editor.

Why did you want to join SQEX?

My fondest game memories are of Squaresoft's and Enix's titles from the SNES era. I have spent countless hours playing SQEX games. The company seems to have a knack for amazing art and great game design, and the stories always got me completely hooked. As I started working in the game industry, I always wished to magically end up working at SQEX. I hoped I could bring something to the company that created so many fond memories for me and in turn do the same for other people.

What do you do now, plus what do you find rewarding, challenging etc, what kind of environment is it?

I’m currently working as the Lead System Engineer for the Advanced Technology Division. I help guide the decisions in regards to our in house engine in order to meet our design goals. The team and company as a whole is focused on doing the best they can in the most earnest of ways. We’re still a small team so we get to do a bit of everything and sometimes it’s outside of our comfort zone which is fine because that is how we grow. As a bonus, we get to support various other mysterious projects!

Message to prospective hires.

Get ready to meet motivated people determined to make great games. Some of them made that game you really liked. They have the best stories. Do not miss out on that chance to try something you always wanted to do. However it’s not all fun and games. Moving to a different country is not for everyone nor is it easy when the culture and the language are so different. Thankfully working at SQEX is a great adventure that is worth it.














2 いいね!
2 いいね!