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Hello, this is the Karabiner.inc PR team.

The “Zero” mentioned in the title, is actually a nickname. When a new member joins the company, we hold a meeting “Daiji na kaigi” - important meeting - where their Karabiner nickname is decided.

While most Japanese companies use surnames when talking to coworkers, here at Karabiner.inc we call each other by Karabiner nicknames, representing our flat and decentralized organization. Even though some members have trouble with remembering names, we feel that using nicknames brings you closer to your workmates.

Let’s take a look at one of the member of this interesting company, and learn more about the team and its members.

Interview with Karabiner member

vol. 1 Zero, "Frontend Geek"

#NewlyJoined #CareerChange #Vue.js #NightOwl

Free work style

Z: There are no titles or managerial posts, the organization structure is flat.

There are many choices about how to do your work, including freedom of work hours and remote work.(There are no strict office hours)., Many Japanese companies have struggled to introduce flexible work hours, due to traditional reasons, for example not being able to go home before your superiors, but at Karabiner.inc, that’s not a problem.

-- What do you think about members in Karabiner.inc?

Z: We are all independent, I think it’s because most our staff are not new graduates, but mid-career hires. Compared to the companies I have experience with, there are lots of members who can work independently without instructions. In other companies, I've seen many people who always need instructions in order to work.

-- When do you work remotely?

Z: In my case, I work remotely when I have to concentrate. That’s because I very easily join interesting conversations happening around me. On the other hand, sometimes I refuse to go home until I’m finished with my tasks. When I wake up late the next day, I often just make it a remote day.

-- Do you work late usually??

Z: Well, sometimes I work slowly during the daytime, reading articles about interesting technology stuff, chatting with coworkers and so on. Then in the end, I need to work late in order to finish my tasks. That’s not good, I know...

-- Seems like there’s no problem, as long as you can finish your work at your pace, and before the deadline.

Challenge things you had never experienced.

-- What kind of projects are you involved in right now? Have you encountered any difficulties in those projects?

Z: At the moment I’m developing a business system for a printing company.

I had little experience working with Requirement Definitions, including UI and UX design, before joining this project. I had troubles with screen transitions and designing the screens the end users needed. I also had to add new screens and transitions later in the project that I didn’t realize we needed. The next time I’m doing these kind of projects, I will definitely pay more attention to UI design.

And, about testing!!! In the beginning I thought the testing would be a no-brainer, but it ended up giving me lots of headache. I underestimated the time the testing would take, and found myself biting the bullet and working through the weekend, sometimes until the morning hours. Then when I finished the work that I wanted to, I would sleep late and not start working until noon.

——Everything in life is a lesson!

Engineers can also take part in developing the organization as well

-- What would you like to try in this compa

Z: Lately I have started developing an interest in improving the company, even though I wasn’t that interested in such things before. I think it’s possible in a company like Karabiner, where you can easily try new things out.

-- It’s impressive that you have changed your perspective and tried out something new. By “a company like Karabiner”, you mean a company where everyone gets to be involved in improving the company?

Z: Absolutely. Many companies tell their staff that they can do anything by just voicing their concerns and so on, but in reality it rarely happens. However, at Karabiner.inc your opinion is heard. For example, if I wanted to join any of our teams, I’d be free to do that. After joining a company like this, I might just as well experience as many different things as I can. Sounds like a cliché, I know!

-- Tell us about the vision you have about the Karabiner.inc’s future.

Z: I want Karabiner.inc to be known for its developing capabilities. Not just in Fukuoka, but also across the whole country. Fukuoka is just the beginning!

——Thank you!

Thank you for reading to the end.

We’re happy if you understand a little bit more about how to work in Karabiner.inc through this article.

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