What we do

KorumLegal is a boutique legal innovator committed to providing flexible, innovative and client-centric legal solutions across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We're shaping the new reality in legal solutions. We believe in being an extension of our client teams - providing quality, accessible, cost effective legal services.

Why we do

We are inspired by the future of legal services and the opportunity to be a pioneer in shaping tomorrow’s legal solutions today. At a time when other industries are adopting new business models and using technology to increase effectiveness and reduce cost, the legal services industry has been slow to embrace change. The time is now. Frustrated with the lack of flexibility, innovation and value in traditional law, we’ve decided to become the change we want to see.

How we do

Legal solutions should be flexible, smart, innovative and lean. Our team has a great passion for legal solutions done differently and we love working with our great customers.We want to leave the office with a sense of genuine satisfaction, pride for our work, and knowing we have exceeded our customers’ experience and expectations.