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Please tell me about yourself, a little bit.

Swapnil : Myself Swapnil Ganesh Athawale. I am from Jodhpur,India. I am studying Computer Science in third year (pre final year) in IIT Jodhpur. I came to Japan to work in Linkbal as Data Science Intern to work on improving matching rate in Couplink.

Harsh : I am Harsh Akshit from India. I am currently pursuing my B.Tech career as a computer science student from IIT Jodhpur, India. Being in third year (pre final year) , I came to Japan for Internship in Linkbal as a web developer.

大熊 : リンクバルで最も濃厚なマーケッター(BIは任せろ)。海外勢の存在感が拡大する当社の日本代表として参戦。存在感をアピールするための登場で、インタビュー内容とは全く無関係です。

Is it your first time in Japan?

Swapnil & Harsh : Yes !

How do you feel Japan?

Swapnil : Japan is technologically most advanced country in world.I am thankful that I have got opportunity to work in Japan. Japanese people are very kind and helpful. It is very clean city. Japan has bullet trains.
All the office staff is so helpful that they always help whenever I have some problem despite of language barrier. People here work as much as possible. I would like to learn punctuality and hardworking ability from office staff. Office working culture is great here. People keep working despite of finishing work hours. People are so good here. I am lucky to have got an opportunity to work here.
Harsh : Japan is truly an amazing country! Its advanced technology fascinates me at every point whether we talk about their high-tech toilets or bullet trains. Here main focus is on discipline which is the true basis of its advancement. Apart from that I am in love with the culture and generosity of the people here. They always keep you at priority before them. They help us a lot in every possible way despite of the language gap between us. Even at my office, I like the way how everyone is treated equally and one can get help from anyone irrespective of his/her position. And also let’s not forget about cleanliness and hygiene which adds to its beauty!

What did you have an interested in Linkbal ?

Swapnil : The field they are working in interested me most. Event planning, dating site will make the work interesting. They also hold new business ideas contest where any employee can suggest some new ideas regarding how to expand or improve the company.

Harsh : The thing that they wanted an aspirant who has creative ideas and can create something new rather than prevailing methods fascinated me the most which i also stated during the interview. They were testing my knowledge and not the qualifications!

What kind of project do you wanna join ?

Swapnil : I am interested in both data science and web development. I will prefer data science first. Where I could find patterns of which kind of people are more involved in dating so that we will have the target audience . Also looking at those people who visits website and join for dating site . We can see which features are common in those people and then we could increase our conversion ratio by improving in that area. If I am assigned web development role then I would like to contribute to the dating site making it more attractive and simple for users to increase the conversion ratio.lf people have put the pictures of other animals as their display picture then by using image processing we can automate that process to inform them to put the picture of their own.
Harsh : The projects included a backend, a frontend and data science. Since, i have not done any major project on data science, it narrows me down to the first two options in which i think my strength is in frontend. So, my preference order would be frontend>backend>data science. Although, i would try my best that i will all my efforts if anything unexpected comes.

And, What will you want to do in Japan?

Swapnil : I would like to visit Tokyo Skytree. I would like to see Pandas in Japanese zoo. I would also like to watch fireworks in festivals of Japan. I would like to visit temples around here. I would like to watch Japanese movies. I would like make Japanese best friends as peoples are too good here.
Harsh : Yes, there are a lot of things I am gonna definitely do while on stay. The list starts with trial on delicious Japanese food. It includes visiting shrines, castles and museums. Exploring the Tokyo city in every possible, traveling in a bullet train. I also wanted to go to Disneyland. Although learning Japanese is my utmost priority! There is an endless list.

OK, Thank you.

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16 いいね!