PayPayの語学プログラム「English Boot Camp」って何?

「PayPay Inside-Out(Corporate blog)」に新記事を更新しました!
今回は面接でも問い合わせの多い、PayPayの語学プログラムについて採り上げています。プログラムの名前は「English Boot Camp」!。多国籍の社員が活躍するPayPayならではの語学事情も分かります。是非読んでください!

A new article has been updated on "PayPay Inside-Out (Corporate blog)"!This time, we are focusing on PayPay's language program, which is often inquired during interviews.The name of the program is "English Boot Camp"!You can also understand the language situation unique to PayPay, where multinational employees are active.Please read it!


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