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From a taxi company in the Philippines brings delight to the world with world-class taxi services!


世界各国でタクシーとは無縁の半導体の工場を立ち上げるという仕事を20か国20年経験し、51歳で起業しました。 マニラは大都市、東京の人口の3倍近くが住む超大都市でありながら、交通のインフラが道路上にしかなく、しかもタクシーの数は東京都の3分の1しかないという、まさに売り手市場の環境だと思ったのが、この業界に挑戦しようと思った動機です。 When I turned 51, I started my own taxi business by applying the experience that I have gathered for twenty years by building semi-conductor factories around the world in twenty different countries. While Metro Manila, whose size of population is almost three times larger than Tokyo, is considered to be a megapolis, most of its infrastructure consists of nothing but roads. Moreover, the total amount of taxis in Tokyo is 1/3 of those in Metro Manila. While it is true that the taxi industry in the Philippines can be indeed compared to a seller's market, it nonetheless served as an opportunity for me to take the challenge and build a taxi company in the country.


大都市でありながらサービスという概念が著しく乏しいフィリピンにおいて、良質なサービス品質を提供することで、僅か3年で「安心・安全なタクシー」として広く、周知される存在になりました。 良質のサービスを維持することは非常に難しい国民性ではあるが故、差別化を図れるチャンスがある国。 そこが面白い。 Despite having a huge metropolis, the term "service" appears to be an alien concept in the Philippines. However, by providing top-quality services to our passengers, it took us only three years to shatter that poor image on taxis and finally let people know what a "safe and convenient taxi" is all about. The difficulty to maintain good services is a trait among Filipinos, but in the country lays a chance for us to be differentiated from other competitors. I find it interesting.


サービス品質を日本レベルに引き上げるため、徹底した社員教育を行っています。 今では社員が社員を教育できるレベルにまでになり、それぞれの社員が自己啓発を図れる社内環境が出来つつあります。 フィリピンにおいてこの事実は革新的であり、大きな成長であったと思います。 We give our staffs a thorough education in order to bring the quality of our services on par with the ones in Japan. In the present, our company continues to create an environment wherein our staffs can attain self-enlightenment until they become worthy enough to educate their colleagues. That fact is an innovation in the Philippines and our staffs have been really developed to the core.


RYOAKIでは今年からグループ企業として、タクシーを始めとする車両をツールと見立てた、様々な業種に参入しています。 例えばマニラ全土に広がるRYOAKIタクシーを使った宅配サービス、大手旅行会社とタイアップした国内旅行、空港とホテルを繋ぐシャトルサービス、渋滞を活かした車内広告、自社車両を主顧客とするガソリンステーションサービス etc., どれも固い安定収入が見込める、事業展開を行っています。 今後は多くに認知された「安心タクシー」をより多くの方にご利用頂けるよう、世界初の「無料タクシー」を目指します。 This year, we at Ryoaki, as a group company, has entered into various types of businesses that involve the use of vehicles as tool, and not just only providing taxi services. For example, we have expanded our services that fit your budget such as dispatchment services in any parts of Metro Manila by using our taxis, domestic tours that are on par with big-time travel agencies, shuttle services to airports and hotels, in-car advertisements that make the best use of traffic jams, gasoline station services for company cars and others. In order for our well-recognized "relaxing taxis" to be patronized by more people later on, we aim to provide the first "Free taxi" services in the world.

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