Share Food: We Live And Breathe Food

Share Food is one of Singapore’s top food media companies in Facebook that specializes in authentic Asian cuisine with recipes gathered from real home cooks (yes, that’s right! 😉)

With multiple on-going projects, there’s no doubt that our culture is a fast-paced one 🏃 Hence, besides working as a team, we must be able to work independently too to deliver the best results possible 💪

As a tight-knitted family, we believe in growing one another’s skills while growing the company as a whole. Our core values are:

✅ Be Achievers

✅ Take Initiative

✅ Be Entertaining

✅ Be Driven

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

When it comes to food media, most of our projects are always ever-evolving. One day we’re stirring boba pearls and another we’ll be filming in a fancy fine-dining restaurant. Some other days, we end up collaborating with a household name you might find in your kitchen! 😎

From brainstorming, filming to even cleaning up, we always share the workload and help one another out. Do you think bumblebees are the only hard workers? 🐝 Think again! Our team strives to deliver our best work and produce top-notch quality paired with the latest content 🙌

When Food Is Life

Whether you’re interested in producing, writing, editing or everything that has got to do with food media, we’ve got it. Here at Share Food, we want to help you to embrace your passion!

Given the dynamic nature of what we do, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore and learn whatever your foodie heart desires.

🤷 Have a sweet tooth for cakes and want to bake one? We got you 👌

🤷 Ever wondered how to capture that glorious moment when you break into a liu sha bao? No problem 👌

🤷 Love and live for food? SO DO WE 👌

Not to mention, we always have a well-stocked pantry and get to stuff ourselves silly with all the delicious dishes we cook. And it’s all for work!

In a nutshell, our job never gets dull 😏

Keen To Join The Dream Team?

Never be afraid to make a change in your career as long as you have the passion and the right attitude 👍 It will take you far. Take it from us; you must be willing to learn, be adaptable, and up-to-date on the current trends.

With new and diverse projects pouring in every week, from producing home-cooked recipes to restaurant advertorials, you need to have these essential qualities to create quality content.

And of course, you must love food ❤️️

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