Awarding Greatness: CREDO

Welcome back to the Awarding Greatness series. This is article number two in our Corporate Philosophy Award series. This article will cover our winners for the Corporate Philosophy category of CREDO. For those of you who missed the first article about the awards ceremony itself and are wondering what these awards are all about, you can check it out here: (https://www.wantedly.com/companies/apparray/post_articles/156326 )

Without further ado, let’s dive into our first category of the awards. At appArray, the CREDO is very important. The values included in the CREDO represent the basic qualities we look for in members of our team. The CREDO is broken up into three different qualities. They are Stronger as a TEAM, We are PROFESSIONALS, and Communicate CONSTRUCTIVELY. In this article, we’re going to look at what each of those points of the CREDO means, why they are important in our work, and introduce the winner of each CREDO award. First, we’ll cover Stronger as a TEAM.

Stronger as a TEAM is all about teamwork. Teamwork means everyone works together toward the same goal. A person who displays this quality is someone who demonstrates good teamwork, actively works with members of other teams, and fosters good team spirit and morale in all of the members of the company. This person works actively with every member of the company to ensure that we all move forward together.

Teamwork is necessary in our everyday work lives because without a team, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals or produce this app. Every member of our company belongs to a team. And every team contributes something different to our app. Without the contributions of each member and each team, our app wouldn’t exist. However, although each member is an individual and each team has its area of specialty, it is important to remember that we are all part of one team as a company. It is essential for us to keep in mind that we cannot reach our goal without each other. That’s why teamwork is one of the qualities we value most.

Our winner for this category was our Client Team Leader, Hajime Nakahara. Many members of the company know him for his excellent teamwork and communication skills. He also boosts the morale of company members because he is understanding and regularly communicates with other members in both English and Japanese. He also checks in on the progress of other team members and answers questions or gives advice when they are having trouble with their tasks. This means that everyone makes progress and that the app’s development advances smoothly.

Our next category is We are PROFESSIONALS. This quality means maintaining the mindset and habits of professionals. A person who displays these qualities is someone who respects and follows their contract, is proactive about their own productivity and growth, and believes that they are a professional. They take pride in their work and never forget that although we are a start-up company, that we are a legitimate company and that they are already a professional because they are earning money and supporting themselves with the work that they do.

At appArray, although we are a start-up we believe that each one of us is also a professional. Our members work hard every day and have extensive knowledge of their own fields. As a company, we are aiming for big success, and our ultimate goal is to change the world. We can’t do that if we don’t believe in our own professionalism. That is why we encourage members to think that We are PROFESSIONALS. To accomplish our goals and achieve big success, we must believe that what we are doing is worthwhile and that we have the capabilities to do it.

Our winner for this category was our Content Manager Sayaka Fujiwara. Other members of the company respect her as a true professional. She is known to set an example for junior members of the company with her attitude and work ethic. She takes her work seriously and strives for perfection on every project she works on. She is also known as someone with plenty of knowledge and experience in both studying and teaching second language acquisition, making her an expert in her field.

The final category we’re going to cover in today’s article is Communicate CONSTRUCTIVELY. This quality seems straightforward but is often misunderstood. Communicating CONSTRUCTIVELY doesn’t mean only saying positive things. Communicate CONSTRUCTIVELY actually means explaining things logically and providing reasons for your opinions, making new suggestions or thinking of different solutions when you disagree with something that has already been suggested. It also means communicating level-headedly in a way that respects everyone’s points of view.

Communicate CONSTRUCTIVELY is important in this field because it helps the projects we work on go smoothly. Multiple teams often handle the tasks we perform every day. This means we need to communicate with each other often. If we can’t talk calmly, respectfully, and effectively, it will slow down our progress and cause problems for us moving forward. If we don’t communicate CONSTRUCTIVELY, it also hurts the work environment. Communicating CONSTRUCTIVELY creates an environment where everyone feels safe to discuss and share their ideas and opinions. And, this type of environment supports the creativity that is essential to the continued development and improvement of our app.

Our winner for this category was one of our Server-side Engineers, Julian Torp. He is a talented communicator who embodies this value. Other members of the company frequently comment that he is agreeable and easy to work with because he is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics. He also takes a constructive approach to communication by considering the feelings of the person he is talking to and proposing helpful alternatives or solutions when there is a problem. He helps create a supportive and open environment in the company, as well.

That’s the end of this article covering our CREDO category of our Corporate Philosophy. We hope that through this article, everyone has gotten to know a little more about our awards ceremony, our members, and our Corporate Philosophy values. Please be on the lookout for the two remaining articles in our Corporate Philosophy Awards series, Awarding Greatness, covering the SPIRIT and VIRTUE categories of the Corporate Philosophy Awards. Until then, if you’re interested in learning more about appArray, please be sure to check out some of the other great articles on our Wantedly page as well.

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