We are investors in Japan and also carry out investments for foreign entreprises as well as operating an acceleration program called "ACCEL PROGRAM" for pre-seed startups.

We focus on startups that are technically challenging. It is our mission to make up for those startups with missing technology. That's why we are “TECHFUND".

Our main investment round is from seed to series A and recently we focus more on investing in startups which especially aim to develop ICO/STO.
The companies participating in ACCEL DEMODAY are excellent companies selected from among 50 companies participating in the Acceleration Program.

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Date and Time: Thursday, April 25, 2019, 18:00-21:30
Address: 1 George St, Level 10, Singapore 049145
Dress code: No dress code required
Participation fee: Free for invitation only (Buffet style & free drinks)
Apply to: 10 Startups(to be acceleratored), 30 Institutional investors, 10 Media

• Blockchain night in Singapore and upcoming next $1B unicorns!
• Startups and investors sharing session.
• Networking - Meet the startups /investors/ media!
• Free drink and food!

・18:00-18:30 Registration
・18:30-18:45 Welcome Speech - by the CEO of TECHFUND Inc.
・18:45-19:30 Blockchain Startup Pitch Session
・19:30-21:30 After Party + Networking

It is a platform which has gathered various co-villages such as eco-villages, organic farms, permaculture centers, retreat centers and social projects, in every region (in short, a hippy version of Airbnb). One can book any accommodation facilities or activities offered in any of these communities online. As of March 2019, 780 co-villages and 67 activities in every part of the world can already be booked. Payment through this platform will issue tokens that carry the special feature of being able to receive special, preferential treatment by voting for the communities or maintaining ownership, and we will be implementing fundraising through these tokens. For more than 7 years up to now, David Casey himself has been affiliated with various communities, mostly in Latin America, and has carried out activities to support these communities. Since 2013 he has been CEO and has supervised a broad range of aspects of the business, from development to recruitment to the management of the entire organization etc.

It is a protocol development project that has adopted Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) which are expected to solve scalability problems in blockchains.
In Japan, we are progressing mainly on support provision and development directed toward giving proof-of-concept and commercial viability for large corporations, and are already in talks with several major corporations. We are preserving the non-centralized authoritarian rule of blockchains while answering the needs of corporations by having the management core being committed mainly to business development as we progress with its introduction, support etc. Our CEO Mr. Sakaori, has already been involved in a different ICO project in the past, and has a wealth of business experience in the blockchain industry as well as experience in working overseas for a long period of time, therefore he knows how to approach clients both inside and outside the country.

It is a start-up business that provides cloud mining services mostly on NEM. Several engineers who are influential and well-known in Japan's blockchain community are affiliated with it and we are progressing with development directed to catering services to several blockchains in the future, such as Ethereum and COSMOS. We stress the importance of usability and customer support, We continually put our efforts into development towards improving convenience by expanding its functions, the currencies that can be accepted etc, and at the same time, we anticipate its future use in Enterprise as well so we plan to implement fundraising so that we can proceed with business operations. There are cases when it is a framework with high switching costs due to the special features of the service, It is an emerging company with a low churn rate of its existing users and is foreseen to grow with the development of all types of blockchains. Our founder, Mr. Kamon, was originally a software engineer for CyberAgent, Inc. and due to his skill in development has become the team's strength.

It is a blockchain platform project which implements the storage, management and transfer of Israeli DNA data and where Mr. Ofer Lidsky, who holds more than 30 years of experience as a software engineer in the medical industry, is the CEO. Our goal is to implement data management while preserving anonymity. It will be a challenging project in the medical industry which is said to be compatible with blockchains. It is a project handled by a team with a wealth of experience in the medical and security fields.

It is a project that is doing development and custodial work on hardware wallets that can be a measure against quantum computers.
Among the members of the Rainbow team, which is said to be experts in cryptography, is Dr. Doug Cheng, a Harvard graduate and currently a professor in the National Taiwan University and CTO Ming-Shing Chen who has published papers at the same university.
We provided custodial work for the CoolWallet S (a hardware wallet) of the Coolbitx company, and already have $300K in annual sales. We have just heard from tokyostarbank (Taiwan CTBC bank) and others about their needs. We have also exhibited in this year's CES.


・Nomura Holdings (Japan's No.1 Securities Company)
・Global Brain (Crypto Institutional Investor)
・OKEx (Exchange)
・CoinBene (Exchange)
And so on.

Company name: TECHFUND Pte.Ltd. (ACN 201900181D)
Capital stock: $ 1.2 million
Co-Founder: Yuta Matsuyama, Peaske Kawahara
Address: 80 Raffles Place #43-03 UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624
E-mail: info@techfund.jp
TEL: +81-3-6407-9645
Website: http://techfund.jp/
Our LP: Nomura Holdings (No.1 Security Company in Japan), etc
Our Achievements: 300+ startups acceleration, total $ 23 M funding support, 100+ investor relations

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