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What we do

We enable clients to understand, engage and converse with young consumers in emerging markets. Happi allows charities, groups, teams and causes to fundraise in a free, easy, and fun way. We're here to create a movement - check out our Ted Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V74AxCqOTvg

Why we do

We want to make people happy by exceeding they have come to expect. We strive to prove the cynics wrong in that a service really can be better, faster and cheaper, while doing good in communities, being generous with all stakeholders, and do it all as a profitable, sustainable private company with no government support, no money from consumers, no corruption, and no charges of any kind to the groups we support.

How we do

At Happi, we develop and operate a micro-survey mobile application platform, which rewards users for responding to surveys with chances to win prizes they select, along with donations to the charity, group or cause they support. We work with market research firms in each country on a revenue share basis, and this strategy will enable us to cover all emerging market countries quickly.