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UniTwo 'Peer to Peer Consulting' is a Tokyo based startup and the first-ever international student networking & consulting platform, connecting one based on academic majors and interest, enabling to meet and consult like-minded people to kickstart college or career. At UniTwo, users not only teach or learn but also land their dream job or college. Right now we are building UniTwo 'Study Abroad Studio' worldwide.


UniTwo's Vision is to make education abundant and accessible to everyone. UniTwo's Mission to connecting people based on major & interest. A high school student, before entering to his/her desired college has to go through huge screening process starting from taking language proficiency tests to many professional exams which is sometimes very complicated for an average student such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, GMAT, EJU, Asian & European Language Proficiency and many other test depending on their field & destination. At such young age, many do not even know where to go, whom to consult and how to take such test. Even though they manage to go to a college, a 33% first-year international student dropout rate occurs worldwide, which is a huge loss for the society. UniTwo aims to solve this problem by connecting people based on academic major & interest especially high school students to university students so that a high-school student does not necessarily go through university prep schools to various agents to land their desired college instead get mentored by a successful university student. This is how a university student is also rated for his/her contribution towards the community in the UniTwo platform.


We are a consumer goods firm and our biggest mission is to serve our target users as best as possible. We create features for daily life use and our vision is to redefine how people educate themselves with a 10-20-30 years plan. As the Chairman of Alibaba group Mr. Jack Ma has said, "Education is a very big challenge now - if we do not change the way we teach thirty years later we will be in trouble.” Keeping the above statement in mind, we are trying to run as a teal organization where there is no boss or superior in the company. We are a small team where everyone is responsible for their own job. At UniTwo, we believe we do not hire employees instead, employers who can generate more job in the society through UniTwo Platform as Service. At present UniTwo is developing its mobile application to start the first-ever Peer to Peer Consulting Platform from May 2018 worldwide.