What does the future hold for Talent Management?

We are living in an exciting, but also challenging time for Talent Acquisition and Management: With machines taking over some jobs and others being created in the digital sector, subbsequently changing the way people work in all fields, the responsibilities and functions of People Managers are shifting drastically from mostly administrative work to being active partners with Department Heads and Talent to help manage both the Digital Shift and Employee Development, include teams in recruiting and tackle the higher job fluctuation in younger career climbers.

Deloitte has created quite an interesting study on possible futures for Talent Management that I would like to share with you for inspiration. Having clear perspectives for a time in the intermediate future can give us a new goal to work towards and motivate us to actively create the future of our choice. Deloitte came up with 4 different likely scenarios what HR could have developed into by 3030:

HR 4.0

In this world, most HR solutions are highly automated and employers are investing in recruiting and retaining the best talent. This leads to customized offerings and a thriving relationship between employers and employees.

Welcome to 1984

In this world, the relationship between employers and employees has been reduced to a mere exchange of work for money. Combined with a high level of automation in the HR department, this leads to standardized, low cost HR solutions.

Old School in a New Sharing World

In this world, employers are interchangeable. At the same time, stagnating economic development and difficulties in automating HR solutions have made employers reluctant to invest in their workforce.

Only Humanity Matters

In this world, companies are personal career partners for their employees. The return to old values and more stringent data regulations paired with a positive economic outlook results in personalized HR processes where human interaction is still the key.


Whichever of these scenarios come to pass - I think we are on a good path somewhere between the first and the last choice - the challenges we are facing in HR today are quite high and they mostly relate to new technology constantly changing the market and the way everyone works:

Today, Talent Managers are already tasked with ensuring that employees keep up with the rapidly changing workplace and higher expectations in recruiting. In the last century and even well into the 2000s, employees had a consistently defined number of tasks that would change with the development of new technologies every other year but today, with new relevant apps & updates for work software coming out every week, keeping up with technology and procedure changing at the interconnected workplace has become a challenge for employees and Talent Management alike. The global expert shortage of talent adds to the workload. The reason for this is a rapid shift of resources to the tech sector when worker supply only adaps inflexibly and quite slowly. On top of the digital shift and a shortage of qualified applicants comes NewWork: Young, talented job seekers have higher expectations. They would like to work in a team where they can be themselves, grow and learn, yet they should not be expected to stay with a company more than a few years.

Which new People Technologies and Procedures developed in the 3 fastest paced environments globally - Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Berlin - can help us tackle these new challenges? Let's find out on 15th January 2019. At our next Talent Acquisition and Management Event "New HR Trends for 2019", we will hear from 3 experts and later discuss their findings & local solutions to learn how we can successfully master the future of HR together. Felix Berghöfer from Visual Meta will share insights from his recent trip to Silicon Valley, Wantedly Country Manager Justin Lei will visit us from HongKong to speak about new trends in his city & shifts in Asia and our third speaker will tackle European developments in Talent Acquisition & Management. Join us at wework Potsdamer Platz at 18:30 to be part of an exciting debate.

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