The Ultimate Job Post Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered why the response to your Job Post has been slow, and don’t know where to start, let alone, what to do?

You’re in luck - because we’ve got your back! We’ve written Job Posts for more than 200 companies over the years, so it’s safe to say, we’re experienced in all things Job Posts. Here’s our very own cheat sheet that we’ve compiled to help companies share their story through their Job Posts.

Continue reading for our tips and tricks to all things related to Job Posts.

“Why do I have to write Job Posts?”

Job Posts are your gateway to meeting talent for your company. It's worth investing in the creation of your Job Post because it's an opportunity for you to evaluate whom you want to work with and define what makes your company truly great. Now, let’s get into it:

The Job Post Breakdown

Job posts on Wantedly consist of four pillars:

  1. What we do
  2. Why we do
  3. How we do
  4. Job Description

What we do — What Does Your Company Do?

Share what your company’s main products and/or services are. What makes your company stand out in your industry? What milestones has your team achieved together?

Why we do — What’s your company’s mission?

What drives your team to do what they do everyday? Write your company’s mission and vision and what inspired them. How did your company start? What solutions are you bringing to the market?

How we do — How does your company achieve your mission?

What steps is your company taking to achieve your goal? Share your team’s size, core values, and culture. What’s it like working at your office?

Job Description

The job description is your gateway to invite talent express interest in exploring opportunities with you. Add the responsibilities, growth opportunities, and a final call-to-action for interested talent to reach out to you by clicking “Want to Visit.” Read more about writing a sexy job description here.

Our Team’s Tips and Tricks

Here are some insider tips and tricks on Job Posts (directly from our team)! Remember, your Job Posts’ drafts automatically save, so you can come back to them at any time.

⒈ Write it Like You’re Writing a Letter

Write the Job Post from your perspective. Make it personable by using first person perspective. Adding “We” and “I,” does the job. Remember, you want to make the Job Post inviting enough for talent to want to meet you.

⒉ Focus on the Essentials

Many users “surf through” job posts due to an overload of information. Make sure to keep the Job Post as concise as possible. Focus on the essentials in terms of responsibilities and experience required (no more than 400 words total). Remember, a lot of the details can be communicated when you meet the talent in person!

⒊ Nurture, nurture, nurture

Embrace the talent nurturing process when hiring:

  1. Raising initial brand awareness to generate interest
  2. Emphasising relatability of your Company and the role (how much they relate to a company’s mission, values, and culture) through your Company’s Story and Job Posts
  3. Having a strong call-to-action on how to move forward. Just one line can encourage talent to click “Want to Visit” and reach out to your team

You Know your Story - Just Share it!

If you can deliver the right message to talent, you become one step closer to meeting your next team member. Take advantage of our cheat sheet and let it guide you through your Wantedly experience.

If you have any questions, talk to us. Share your thoughts, questions, and comments with our Client Success team:

  • If you’re based in Singapore, contact: clients.sg@wantedly.com
  • If you’re based in Hong Kong, contact: support.hk@wantedly.com
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