Challenge Accepted, Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury retrograde is here to shake up the beginning of our year’s end with drama. Whether you believe in astrology or not, read on to find out how Wantedly is giving you a chance to test out this bit of pseudoscience, see other parts of Earth and maybe even change the course of your career forever.

It’s now mid-November. A truly exciting season of celebration and collaboration leading up to Christmas: ✨ Orchard Road is lit ✨ with our most-loved Disney characters, and UK department store John Lewis' Christmas campaign featuring Elton John served us a suckerpunch of emotions.

I don’t mean to burst your bauble, but November 16 marked the start of 2018’s third and final Mercury
retrograde cycle. If life’s been a little chaotic lately, keep calm and seize the chance to blame this celestial phenomenon.

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In astrology, the planet Mercury governs communication, technology and travel. And every four months, Mercury appears to be moving backward (retrograde) as it passes Earth in its orbit. For us earthlings, this is supposed to spell mayhem for three weeks until early December - anything from miscommunication, technological errors, travel delays or impromptu events is set to disrupt your schedule!

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For this reason, astrologers have curated some of their top tips to play it safe during Mercury’s backspin. Even if you don’t believe in this astrological event, these are still great pointers to note as we reflect on the year:

✅ Focus on the prefix “re-”: Review that email you’re about to send, revise contracts, reconnect with friends and re-evaluate your goals.

✅ Keep drinks away from your tech gadgets: ‘Tis the season you’re extra prone to knocking over a cup of Toffee Nut Latte onto your laptop.

✅ Take time to slow down and pay careful attention to details 👀

Skeptical about this cosmic scapegoat? Fret not, Science is, too!

For me, the Mercury Retrograde is a great excuse to perform a personal quarterly review; to step back and assess where I am and where I want to be - and you should too! If you’re dreading to get to work every day, counting the minutes till you’re back in bed, or if you have yet to cross out your bucket list this year, there’s no better time to turn it around. And the best part is...

Wantedly’s got you covered!

Stand a chance to win a $300 SCOOT TRAVEL VOUCHER when you upload your resume with us! Get discovered by leading companies like Circles.Life, Skyscanner and Zilingo while you whisk off for a last minute year-end getaway 🤔 Um, what Mercury retrograde? 😜

Here’s how to win:

From now till 15 Dec 2018,

1. Create your Wantedly account: http://bit.ly/Wantedlyregister

2. Upload your resume onto your profile (refer below for instructions!) 📁

3. Comment on our Instagram or Facebook with your 8 digit user ID (in your profile URL)

4. Tag 3 travel buddies that you'd like to embark on a trip with, and where you’d like to scoot off to! 🙋🙋🙋

Upload Your Resume

Setting up your profile is easy breezy like a beach in Bali 😉

👉 Firstly, save your resume in PDF version.

👉 Next, go to http://bit.ly/Wantedly_profile on your desktop and scroll down to the Resume section.

👉 Finally, select your PDF resume and upload it to your profile.

And voila! Stay tuned to our social channels to see if you’ve won. Good luck!

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