The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started: A Remote Internship Experience

To all working professionals, (soon-to-be) graduates and kind visitors:

Ohaiyo! This is Gisele from Wantedly. I joined the Singapore team as a Business Operations Intern back in April 2020; the same month that Phase 1 lockdown commenced in Singapore. Oh what a starting journey that was!

Fun fact 1: We want to create a world where work drives passion, and connect employers and talents like yourself based on shared mission and values.

What is the vibe like in Wantedly?

In light of all COVID-19 measures, my onboarding and training sessions were all communicated through the wire i.e. video calls and more video calls! Wantedly’s Singapore country manager Andrew, senior business development manager Alex and senior marketing manager Mae were also the first to guide me here in their respective area of expertise.

From training and getting certified on adopting various business intelligence tools, to being assigned the responsibility of handling day-to-day business operations, it has been a handful month of internship. A new but wholesome learning journey.

What can we look forward to next?

With our live Hiring Freeze Tracker for Singapore, you can keep yourselves updated with new opportunities. Upcoming (free) webinars in September 2020 like How to recruit, manage and retain top talents by Sleek and workshops like Coding 204 by Trent Global College, makes upskilling yourself and exposing to new industries a lot easier.

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Fun fact 2: Did you know that you can connect with your friends on their Wantedly profiles, and endorse their best values and qualities?

Personal Branding

The secret of getting ahead is getting started! Knowing and explaining your strengths and weaknesses to your interviewer, showing what drives and motivates you can be daunting, overwhelming and new. For a start, try asking yourself the 5 Ws and 1H:

What nature of work do you thrive in or not thrive in? (Mission)
Why do you succeed in doing a certain task or why not? (Purpose)
How do you act and react in situations? (Action)
Who would you want to work for? (Values)
Where and where not is a conducive working location for you? (Environment), and
When do you find yourself most productive and vice versa? (Time)

I hope these insights are helpful to you, and if they are, create your Wantedly profile here to start discovering new opportunities!

See you around,
Business Development and Customer Success Manager

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