We tried Zen Meditation together!!

Hello everyone!

Today we went doing morning Zen meditation (坐禅) together!

Today members were Taiwanese, Indonesian, Mongolian, French, and three Japanese.

It was the first time for most of us, so we were very excited to enjoy a very traditional experience

We went to the Kourin temple (香林院), which is located in the center of Tokyo, in Hiroo near Roppongi.

We all woke up very early and met at Hiroo station at 6:45 to start meditating at 7:00.

The meditation is made of two sessions of 25 minutes each with a 10 minutes break in between.

When we finished, we all talked together and shared our feelings regarding this experience. We were all feeling relaxed and really enjoyed meditating. Actually, the only person who couldn't relax was one Japanese member!

Even if the temple is located in the center of Tokyo, the place was very tranquil and surrounded by beautiful trees.

If you are interested in Zen meditation and are staying in Tokyo, don't hesitate to go to Kourin temple. And please, tell us how you felt!

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3 いいね!
3 いいね!