Discover different cultures #2 Christmas in Taiwan

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Last time, we started the "Discover different cultures" series with Mongolia with Dulguun. Today, I would like you to discover Christmas in Taiwan with Fanhsiang.

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How do you celebrate Christmas in Taiwan?

It's pretty much the same as Japan. On the 24th or 25th we go on a date with our lover, see illuminations, have a good dinner and exchange presents. So it's actually a pretty tough time when you are single (laughter)

Are there some things you really like in Taiwanese Christmas?

Well actually, even though I am not Christian, I was going to a Christian College, so Christmas time there was pretty awesome! There were a lot of illuminations and a big Christmas tree inside the campus so I could enjoy Christmas time everyday.

Christmas in Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Also, since I was in the Japanese language department, with my classmates and the students from French, Italian, Spanish and English language departments we held an event in which we sang Christmas songs in each language. I remember singing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" in Japanese with my classmates ! This is a great memory !

Do you have some specifics memories on Christmas time ?

Yes, I actually remember the day when I "learnt the truth" about Santa...(laughter)

How come? What happened?

Well, when I was at elementary school, my siblings and I had Christmas stockings at home. When I woke up on 25th and I looked inside my stocking, I found a toy I lost a few weeks ago and 100 Taiwanese dollars (laughter)

I immediately thought that Santa would never give me back one of my old toys, so I understood it was actually my father (laughter)

Fanhsiang during Christmas time

I didn't know you had Christmas stockings in Taiwan!

It really depends on the familiy. Usually we don't have anything, not even a Christmas tree at home. We don't really talk about Santa and Christmas to Taiwanese children, we know about him when we start studying English and start watching foreign movies, listen to english songs and etc.

So, actually most of the families - if not Christian - don't really celebrate Christmas until their child tell them they want a Christmas tree and Christmas stockings at home, usually from elementary school.

I see. So, this year you will unfortunately not be able to go back to Taiwan for the holidays. What are your plans here in Japan?

I am going to have a dinner with my boyfriend, as usual, maybe in Roppongi or Azabu. But I don't think we are going to exchange presents this year though ! (laughter)

Thank you very much Fanhsiang for telling us about Christmas in Taiwan and for all the cute pictures !

And thank you everyone for reading !

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