"I want to change Japanese companies' way of thinking about foreign nationals"

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Heavy snow is falling all over the country, I hope you are all safe and warm.

Today, I had a talk with one of our Intern, Tatebe-kun, who is going to join us full time from April. Tatebe-kun has a big dream, and I really wanted you to know about it.

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Why have you decided to join IBT ?

When I was a second-year student, I have decided to go to Australia for 2 weeks during summer holiday to study English. During one class, my teacher asked to all of us what were our dreams for the future. I was the first one to talk and I just said that I would like to join a good company after graduating. While my speech was very short, my classmates' were very long and full of passion. Everyone was talking about their dreams and their goals in the future and I realised that I was too shortsighted. In Japan, it's not really a good thing to not follow the crowd, and I realised that I didn't want to keep thinking that way.

A lot of Japanese companies are still shortsighted and have a lot of prejudices towards foreign nationals, even if they have been living in Japan for years and can speak fluent Japanese. I want to change that. I felt that if I joined IBT as a Recruiting Advisor, and could get the chance to talk directly with Japanese companies, I would be able to change their way of looking to foreign nationals step by step.

What do you think are the differences between a regular Japanese company and IBT?

I would say that the main difference is that in IBT you can freely say your opinion even though you are the "new one" . I was surprised to be asked what my opinion was in a different things while for most of the companies I would just be "the intern". IBT is a great place to grow up, and I think that I can my dream to change Japanese way of thinking come true here.

You are going to graduate very soon. How do you plan to spend your last vacation?

I wanted to travel to Europe with my friends, especially Croatia, I have always wanted to go there. But unfortunately, because of the Covid19 my plans got cancelled. I actually don't even know if there is going to be a graduation ceremony or not. So I guess I am going to study to be ready to join you on April !

And what about Christmas? Any plans?

Christmas is on Friday so I am going to work... that's it for this year (laughter)

As a foreigner myself, I was really moved to hear Tatebe-kun's wish. As he said, some companies still have some bad cliches towards foreigners and it's really important to change that. Japanese people like Tatebe-kun, who want to become a bridge between Japanese companies and foreign nationals are priceless and we are all really glad to know that he is going to become our colleague.

Whether you are a foreigner or a Japanese person, feel free to contact us we are always looking for members who want to change the society.

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