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That there is my job. To share, to attract and to be useful to readers. Hi, I'm Roger, and I work at Wonect.


What do you do at Wonect?

I am a marketer, more precisely a content marketer. I strategise content and stories across multiple channels to the consumers' benefits, while creating or strengthening experiences customers get through the Wonect brand.

Content marketing? What makes it different from traditional marketing?

Marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Media strategies change almost every year (heard the one about Twitter planning on being sold this year? Yup.), and being useful and relevant is the form of marketing that works. It's about focusing on the core values and problems of the customers, not by differentiating how you are different, but by how useful and relevant you are to the customers.

Core values are important for you?

Yes, because my core values define why I do the things I do, and what I am attracted to. And that is how I came to work at Wonect.


How did you come to work at Wonect?

I had the hunger to further my skills at marketing, promoting things that I had passion in: cats, human rights, or Japan. And that is when I found Wonect.

When I interviewed with Wonect for a marketing position, I found that Wonect's core values were aligned with mine. The founder, Mr Mizuguchi Kota had the intention to create a connection between people, to foster better understanding and to create a better world through such connection. It was a startup that had a goal that resonated with my heart and intentions.

The first step was to do it through introducing the goodness of Japanese products, and I signed on to help achieve Wonect's goals.

Was it difficult to leave Singapore behind to come to Kyoto to work?

Not at all! Mr Mizuguchi and his staff are very supportive, making sure that I am settled in Japan. They shared tips, introduced me to some places in Kyoto, even supporting me while I handled administrative matters. I had stayed in Japan for periods of one or two months, but Wonect's support has made it really easy to move into Kyoto.

Why did you leave Singapore to work overseas?

Like I shared, I was looking for a company whose values resonated with mine. In this day and age, it is imperative to broaden one's experience and outlook, and not just restrict it to a certain geological location. Else, it is difficult to achieve goals on a global scale, especially one such as Wonect's: to connect people. So, instead of seeing it as leaving the country to work in a foreign land, you should be looking at it as a relocation on the planet, for the betterment of self and mankind.


Putting a little of yourself into the future Wonect

I love the work culture. It is like a naturally formed holacracy, having no rank, and everyone is responsible for their own work and results. There is no fear for failure. Everyone is willing to help each other learn from our mistakes, and you feel that everyone is growing stronger as a team.

That is the best part, that you have an effect on what direction the company will take, and the team is getting stronger, and bonds stronger every day.

What is the hardest thing about working in Wonect?

Many would think it's the language, but that is far from the truth. Having lived in a multi-cultural society for decades, I have learnt that it is never about the language. It's a matter of whether you are willing to try, and try again, to make sure we're all in the same page.

I would say the hardest thing about working in Wonect is conveying who we are. You may not realise this, but the ecommerce industry has a stereotype - sell cheap things. It can be difficult for customers and partners to accept the fact that we are trying to improve our customers' lifestyle.

However, we are adamant in our path, and have spent hours deciding the image and direction of the company. We are embarking onto the next stage of Wonect's growth, by breaking out of that stereotype, and making an impact in our customers' lives.


What are your aspirations for Wonect?

We have decided that we are going to create a happy experience for our shoppers, no matter how small the happiness. That will be the Wonect experience. As a marketer, as an advocate for our customers, that is perfect experience for anyone who have an interest in Japanese lifestyle, or anyone starting to take an interest in Japanese culture and/or products.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to joins Wonect?

If you are looking for fulfilment in a career path, if you have a passion to improve the lives of our customers, if you are someone who has ideas about creating things that never existed before, then you will have find both personal growth and gratitude here.


Lastly! Use five phrases to describe yourself!

Cat lover - Karaoke lover - Movie goer - Believes in the good of humanity - Friendship

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