Employer Interview: Tact Kodomomirai Co., Ltd.

 With over 1,300 schools, Tact Kodomomirai is a rapidly expanding employer in Japan that hires foreigners (both domestically and from abroad).  Jobsinjapan.com sits down with James Gibson and Ryo Kaizu to discuss their more well-known schools called Kids Duo and WinBe to give you a better idea of what it is like to work there.

Tact Kodomomirai is part of the holdings group Yaruki Switch. The company was founded in 1989 and began, at that time, a unique personalized-approach cram school called School IE. In 1997, following the initial successes, we began to franchise the business and now have over 1,300 schools. The resultant financial stability and resources have enabled us to branch out in new directions with an emphasis on English and the hiring on Native English speakers. WinBe, an English language school, was started in 2000.In 2008 Kids Duo began as one of the first daycare and afterschool care programs to offer a full English immersion environment setting. Kids Duo International, an international bilingual kindergarten, started up in 2013. That’s when the company also became a holdings group.

Kids Duo instructors have three to four weeks of training. The first week is an intensive orientation to Kids Duo, our teaching methods, class management, programs and a ton of role playing and brainstorming classroom activities. The bilingual staff and the native English staff train together so that everyone is on the same page from day one. From the second week, on-the-job training at the schools begins. WinBe has a similar approach, with generally just the one week of on-the-job training, often followed by a few days of transition with the outgoing staff.

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there are about 300 native English-speaking employees in the schools, and we are looking to add staff for all of them.

6 いいね!
6 いいね!