Yubo Trading – Unfolding the definition of a great company culture

By Wantedly Editorial Team

While you’re looking at the cover photo, you may think that Yubo Trading has a great company culture since they’re having happy hour and enjoying themselves. But what actually defines a “great” company culture? Let’s listen to what Yubo Trading thinks.

▲Jason – Co-founder, Pinky – Office Manager, Alex – Quantitative Research Intern (from left)

“Employees are the core of company culture.”

Regarding Yubo Trading’s culture, Alex thinks, “Because the 3 co-founders here are relatively young, the structure here is lean and flat, which makes the working environment more flexible, and creates an environment where you can be extremely focused on your work.”

Although Alex likes the working environment, what he loves best is actually the open snack bar and gourmet coffee provided by the company.

▲Note: This is not an advertisement, it’s simply demonstrating (coffee) choices are there to be made

Having spent more than a year here at Yubo Trading, what does Pinky think? Her favourite perks are work-life balance and the company benefits, “When I was working in huge corporations, most of the managers simply left their stuff for the junior staff to work overtime, and I didn’t even know what my boss was doing.”

How is Yubo different from other companies? Pinky says, “The 3 co-founders discourage us to work overtime so every day at 6 pm, they’ll simply kick all of us out of the office,” she adds, “they are the first bosses I’ve met that don’t feel like a boss at all. For instance, they’ll talk to you about almost everything, like how the company should improve, what kind of extra benefits do we want.”

▲Anyone wondering what they’re talking about?

“A great company should feel like a family”

Many of you might have heard a lot of companies promoting a flat hierarchy, yet how many of them are actually treating their employees like their family?

In Jason’s mind, this is much more than an employer-branding slogan, “It doesn’t mean that we don’t push them at work but what we do is to press with care. Say when they take sick leave, we don’t require them to show us and proof; we’ve set up an open bar for them to enjoy. These initiatives are about physical wellness, but actually what my partners and I care for the most is the team’s mental well-being.”

Jason continues, “When I was an employee at larger firms, sometimes when the team is feeling tense or stressed, our performance was impacted negatively. Therefore, despite their physical satisfaction, we always chit-chat with each team member every day, making sure that they’re all mentally healthy in the office. That’s also why we don’t encourage our employees to work overtime, we believe that it’s our responsibility to guarantee their work-life balance.”

How many companies truly care about the mental health of their employees? If you want to be “pressed with care” while being taken care of, Yubo Trading must be one of the companies you’d like to join.

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