ZEN Pirates #5 Shri - New technologies will change and make the world better. And I'll handle it.

He is a natural-born geek from India and has been working in Japan for several years. He loves chicken, sweets and a green smoothie of Family Mart. Today let us look into this genius Indian geek.

IT Geek's Instinct To Create Something From Zero

Good morning Shri, how is it going? You are drinking a green smoothie of Family Mart again. You do love it don’t you? Well, please introduce yourself.

- Yup, I love this. Anything at Family Mart is best and now I miss the premium chicken. I always go to a Family Mart when I buy something at convenient store. All right, so, my name is Shriyans Bhatnagar. I was born and grew up in India and graduated from BITS Pilani.

Thank you. Now everyone knows you love Family Mart haha. I guess you studied very hard in the university, competing with other genius geeks in India. After graduating from the university, what were you doing before you came to Zenport?

- I came to Japan soon after I graduated from university, because I did not want to work in India and was interested in Japan. Speaking the truth, I have the ambition that I want to travel all over the world until my death, working as an engineer regardless of the place. So, the start point was Japan. Before I came to Zenport, I worked at Rakuten as a full stack engineer. I was mainly developing the internal systems. Rakuchat is one major example.

Wow, you were working in Rakuten. I heard the official language spoken in Rakuten is English. It might have been good environment for you. How come you decided to join Zenport?

- It was good, but I felt I was just a piece of the big system and I wanted to make something from zero making use of my engineer skills. At that time I got a message from Toshi and Zenport has the environment that I can use my skills fully to build some new products from the very beginning. Also, I have the choices to decide which technologies to use to create something new and better. These are the sub reasons but, I prefer the startup cultures, which I mean are flexibility and freedom of the working style. This style is more suitable for me and I knew I could perform better.

Change The World By Blockchain

I get your points. Considering what your wants are, Zenport is the best place for you, isn’t it? Everyone is working in their styles to create something new and better. So after you joined us, what are you doing and how do you feel the life here?

- I’m doing many things, but mainly leading the front-end development and deciding which technologies to use, taking the scalable development into account. Also, I’m handling the mobile app development. It is very challenging to make something from zero, but this opportunity is what I wanted, so I like this stress. Moreover, after I started working here, I found that it is very fun to face the problems that the product we are making now encounters day by day. The reason is that the international trade industry is very old and complicated. I feel I want to change this industry with our product.

I’m very glad to hear you are enjoying working here and have found new things that stimulate you. Then, can you tell me what you want to do in Zenport from now on?

- As of now, I’m very interested in blockchain, so I want to use and reflect the blockchain technologies on our product to make it better and useful for the society. Especially, I’d like to improve the current insurance and financial management in international trading, making use of the blockchain technologies.

You are really into technologies, aren’t you? I also hope we can use blockchain to improve our product and make it more influential to the society. This is the last question, but what kind of person do you want to work with in Zenport?

- I want to work with those who can keep learning anything we need consistently, because we adapt a lot of new technologies and cutting edge to create simpler solutions to solve the complicated problems. If you don’t have this passion to keep updating, we cannot change nor make the world better.

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1 いいね!