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Sayema Shafique

Educon - Education Consultancy Firm

About my work experience

I was assigned to develop a Form based on Oracle form Developer which is an informative record. The project work is going on. It is a professional project. So it needs quite some time for accomplish because it’s the first time I was working with professional real life project.

Difficulties I faced

I did not face much problems,beacuse I didn’t have to look through randomly for the solution like before because now I know what and where to exactly look for.

What I learned

To implement this project we have to acquire some knowledge on Sql Plus,Oracle form design,Repots. I have faced a lot of challenges during this internship but I took it as a self-learning motivator. Initially when I had to develop the websites I felt shaky about doing so. The reason was, till then I used to know those terms theoretically and only applied them in projects required for the courses I have taken, however going to the corporate ends with senior engineers I learned how to develop them practically, boosted up my confidence level and gradually I got to learn the skill of developing websites by going individually.Another important skill that I have gathered was communicating to people as well as working with a team. So, by communicating and working with them I improved my speaking efficiency and team work. Additionally, meeting with different employees, I have the power of influencing people to get manage. So, by doing that I have learned how to handle others.

Educon - Education Consultancy Firm
I am thankful for the service development and design of Wantedly.I have completeted my B.Sc in Software Engineering from American International University of Bangladesh.I have done My Internship from a very Reputed company of Bangladesh.
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