Zackariah Grogan

XpessSkins / Assistant Graphics Designer and Production Manager

Zackariah Grogan

XpessSkins / Assistant Graphics Designer and Production Manager

Product Designer & Printing Tech

Hello, my name is Zack. I’m a high school dropout that moved halfway across my country to help compete in the anime industry with XpressSkins (Willing to relocate). I’ve worked almost exclusively in the design and production of different types of products whether that be stickers, shirts, and many other various products.


In the future

I’ve always wanted to work with anime and/or games. I’ve done my utmost best when learning the skills to accomplish this goal and thrive every day to keep this passion of mine a reality.

XpessSkins3 years

Assistant Graphics Designer and Production ManagerPresent

- Present

My role in this company is the core of production, product design, and quality assurance. Keeping up with jobs efficiently and in a timely manner is a requirement.

  • Personal Achievements and Highlights

    Decreased file prep speed dramatically Improved Illustrator efficiency and skills for production Got to work on official licensed art work from NGNL and Akame Made double sided stickers Taught myself how to use a UV printer Took the role of prepping and printing almost everything at the company 1st employee and usually the last one of the last ones to go home Survive several overnight printing for events

Udemy2 years

Photoshop and Illustrator Classes


Took two courses to increase my capacity in photoshop and illustrator.

Ecchi Gang2 years



Founded a Lewd/Ecchi website where we commissioned art of Custom OCs and sold them in the form of stickers, mousepads, mugs, garments, and large decals. Eventually It merged with XpressSkins and I’ve been doing light management and most of the designs for it to date.

Rocket Wraps and Signs8 months

Graphics Designer


Design signage and custom graphics for commercial vehicles. Make files print ready and send them off to the print tech. Assist other graphics designers on there projects. I learned Adobe Illustrator for this job.

Kennewick High School5 years



I took courses geared towards Computer Science and Graphics Design and spent quite a bit of time in Cyber Security and Adobe Graphics and Web Design. Moved to Houston, Texas from Kennewick, Washington in pursuit of my career instead of graduating.


  • Wide format printing

  • Graphics Design

  • Product Management

  • Printer Managment

  • Product Design

  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


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