A fresh graduate student who has strong analytical skills and interpersonal skills. I have a high initiative in sustainable development. Seeking for a job opportunity related to sustainable development.


In the future

1. Be responsible for the world I believe everyone has his/her own responsibility to the world. We are all consuming the resources and materials of the earth. Therefore, the earth act as our parents who provide us our needs. As we are the children of the world, we should also address the needs of the earth. Therefore, we should try our best to protect the earth.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University2 months

Part time Research Assistant


Hong Kong Education Service Centre1 year

Primary School Homework Tutor


1. Guided the primary school students to finish their homework 2. Communicated with primary school teachers for classroom management 3. Reported to my supervisors about student performance and feedback

Genius Education Group2 months

Summer Interest Class Instructor


1. Conducted lectures and workshops to train the children’s talents 2. Reported to my supervisors about student performance and feedback 3. Communicated with students’ parents for enquiries

World Green Organization

Student Helper(Intern)

-Researched information on environmental protection and drafted articles for the publication of articles to enhance public awareness -Planned and organized events and activities for 10 primary schools to join (i.e. Green Walk Hong Kong 2017)

Effension International Co.,Ltd

Food Festival Promoter

City University of Hong Kong2 months

Research Assistant(Intern)


1. Conducted on-site sampling for air pollutants emissions from franchised Buses by GIS 2. Inputted the coordinates for the bus routes into sampling equipment (i.e. Garmin)

Pak Nga Publication

Book Fair Promoter


  • Cantonese - Native
  • Mandarin - Professional
  • English - Professional

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