I am originally from Poland, used to live in the UK for 8 years and graduated from high school and college in local. I moved to Japan in 2017 to get married and since then, I have been working in several industries in Japan. My family needed to relocate a few times due to my family situation, however, we finally decided to move to Tokyo and start to build our career. I am a punctual, friendly and


In the future

I seek to be in a diverse environment. A place that I can learn something new every day and an opportunity to challenge me.

Hertford Regional College4 years

Fine Art and Design


How to be creative with ideas and how to seek thru the different perspective point of view.


  • B2B営業

  • B2C営業

  • 愛嬌

  • トーク力

  • PowerPoint

  • リサーチ, Googleアナリティクス, 英語 and 2 skills

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