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  • The Ninja Hub – React Portfolio Website

    - Created responsive website for better user experiences with different sizes of devices when browsing the site in React. - Used Google doc as the backend of storing artists’ latest news and their biography - Used Google Form as the backend for users’ contact form. - Continuously optimized the site because building the site is to showcase my appreciation and support to the talented Asians and biracial Asians artists and athletes in Japan and South Korea.

  • Fyyur: Artist Booking Site Project

    - Built a web CRUD App with SQLAlchemy ORM and Django. - Implemented one-to-many and many-to-many relationships using SQLAlchemy. - Execute complex database queries on relational database models - Implemented animation of photos on the front end in CSS/HTML.

  • Trivia API Project with API Testing

    - Describe and explain the purpose and benefits of API testing - Wrote test in Python for a REST API using Flask and unittest - Developed an application iteratively and safely using Test Driven Development (TDD) - Write effective documentation for the API


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