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Every Child Deserves A Fairy TaleCalendar 2012 – Charity Project

I have planed this since 2010, due to limited time line, so i have dropped it. And this year, the project came alive again with the help of my friend – Bel Koo, founder of Dream Design.The objective of this project is to raise fund for an orphanage in Ipoh Perak. Malaysia – Abby’s Cottage (Formerly known as Hannah Home).  I have been visited them since 2 years ago, the kids are adorable and well manner. The orphanage is not government supported and it survived by public donation as well as the income of the cafe that run by the founder – Pastor Carol. In order to help them on financial problem, Bel and i decided to sell Calendar 2012 to get RM10k as donation to the orphanage.The tittle of the calendar is “Every child deserves a fairy tale”. And we are blessed that we have the support of 13 local & oversea Illustrator to help us on the project. With their masterpieces, this will be a “Must Have” 2012 Calendar which you can’t miss.It’s more blessed to give than to received. Share your love to the kids and give them a brighter tomorrow! Pre-order is now on. 500 copies, LIMITED EDITON. Only for RM26 (exclude mailing/deliver fees).Email us for pre-order at ask@garychew.net or message@dream-design.netGod Bless!



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