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If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your current project, do not miss from a great bundle that comes in a limited time. You'll get yourself a fabulous collection of 25 modern script fonts, each featuring loads of OpenType Features and multiple languages. Gorgeous, modern and created by hand, this magnificent collection is sure to give your typeface toolbox the curvaceous lift it deserves.

are just a few of the fonts that you’ll gonna receive for a very tiny price – 25 fonts for $15 Taking in consideration the retail price for all the fonts $ 274 you have to admit that this bundle has everything for you !! Don’t miss it !

Extended Use license included :

Thirteenth script
Willshering Script
Shanghai Script
Stylistics Script
Calligraphy Script
Zombis Night Script
Billgrotia Script
Brisk wondering Script
Crellitta Brush
Zenithal Script
The Religion Script
Modigirl script
Rosvigts Script
Arillyoni Brush
Raffiator Script
Arillyoni Script
Master faith Script
Billgrotia Sans
Everbest script
Mofishine Script
Amsterday Script
Modigirl Sans
Ritalina Sans
Stylistics Sans
Willshering sans

Mail support : If you have any question, please contact me Via e-mail muriza.kljaya@gmail.com

Download Now Only $15 for 25 Font


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