Molife Rebranding


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Molife is a mobile accessories company. The name molife came from: Mobility + Life. Its a seven year old business. On early 2014 the management was looking for a new look of the brand. They were trying to upgrade the brand to match with the level of other international mobile accessories brands. They also want their brand looked like more fashionable and fresh. And the responsibility to build that look was given to our team.

Important Guidelines from the management :
• Mobility + Life = Molife
• Six year old Business Entity
• Changes of tag line with brand growth: Mobility is Necessity > Incremental Experience > Nothing But You
• Mobility related products.
• Products range Rs.100 to Rs. 2000
• Target people : ABSTRACT, ( not specifically defined )
• Mass Market > Selling Based on Distribution and Online Marketing
• Immature Market of Mobile Accessory
• Volume is important than value.
• Brand Driven Products not Product Driven Brand
• New coming and fresh brand
• Aiming for International Look and reputation
• Trying to without harming past goodwill match the identity with the level of International Mobile Accessory Brands without harming past goodwill.


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