3 mins Story about Mona, an international student in Japan




Special thanks to:
Pathit Harichantanawong (Thailand) - Producer
Neem Christian Sutantio (Indonesia) - Special Effects and Animation
Dega Putra (Indonesia) - Music and Sound Effects
Matina Anutaraporn (Thailand) - Actor
Trương Thục Anh (Vietnam) - Voice Actor
Rihito Chiba and Eiru Eric Haneda (Japan) - Japanese Translation

Empower Young Global Talents / International Students by providing them with the necessary skills needed to build a career and life in Japan. We believe that everyone should have ample resources when making decisions about their future. Our new Company Library feature is the start of the process to make Japan a more borderless society. (visit www.jportjournal.com for more info)

We collaborated with International students from different universities and Countries to create our promotional video in order to showcase the young and bright talents the world has to offer for Japan.